Italian leathers

From the choice of leathers to metal fittings, everything is designed so that Sonika Studio bags stand the test of time and accompany you on your adventures.

The leathers of our bags come from Italian tanneries. The quality of the leather allows the pieces to age well and acquire a unique patina over time. An exceptional and timeless look and feel is the result.


Hand-woven since time immemorial, the Krama (Khmer: ក្រមា) is a checkered cotton piece traditionally worn in Cambodia, which has many different usages.

The minimalist KRAMABAGS showcase this iconic Cambodian cloth. To meet faily outdoor use, the fabric has been protected and strengthened to be water repellent and more durable.

Golden metal fittings

We have selected the metal fittings with the greatest care.

Durable parts are extremely resistant to fracturing and aging. To avoid oxydation, the fittings are coated with a layer of gold. 


Painted edges

We pay attention to the smallest details of our bags, which is why their edges are painted. This luxury finish is not only a guarantee of quality, but our way of highlighting the know-how of craftsmen.