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Sonika Studio focuses on quality, design and craftsmanship, on creating meaningful objects, "that makes sense". Our avant-garde bags combine minimalist aesthetics with a functional spirit. They compose our approach towards consumption to be thoughtful, committed and ethical.

Innovation is fundamental at Sonika Studio. We use quality material, envision unexpected shapes and design our bags not as fashion accessories, but as smart and functional design objects. Elegant and practical at the same time. The handbags are inspired by geometric shapes and ancestral techniques. Their minimalist design guarantees a timeless and elegant look.


The founder and designer of Sonika Studio, Szonja (pronounced Sonia), Hungarian and Parisian, is coming from an industrial design background. She grew up in Budapest and literally married and adopted Cambodia as my second homeland at heart. She chose to settle down in Paris after studying at the ENSCI Les Ateliers.

As she stands for the idea of an object "that makes sense", she imagined these bags not as fashion
accessories but as timeless pieces of design with a purpose: to settle in your life for good and become indispensable.

Convinced that design has the power to positively influence our feelings, she has created a colorful universe, challenging herself to create modern, minimalist and timeless bags hand-made and in opposition to fast-fashion.

A Laboratory of Object Empowering Brands

Sonika Studio is a design studio, a laboratory of objects. Specializing in leather goods design, we also work on designing and developing collections for other brands, ensuring production in Hungary.

Our leitmotif is creating objects and conceiving compositions of new decorative and functional form. Our ongoing commitment is continuous exploration and conception of design objects.