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Baguette bag Sothéary - Plum Leather
Baguette Bag Sothéary - Matcha Green leather
Baguette bag Sothéary -  Hazelnut Leather
Baguette bag Sothéary - Black Leather
Shoulder bag Sofia - Peach Leather
Shoulder bag Sofia - Apple Green Leather
Crossbody bag Véranyne -  Black Grained leather
Véranyne | Hazelnut leather
Véranyne | Hazelnut leather Sale price€380,00
Crossbody bag Véranyne -  Nude leather
Crossbody bag Véranyne - Cobalt blue leather
Crossbody bag Véranyne - Wild orchid
Crossbody bag Véranyne - Midnight trees
Mini bag Sokhaya - Hazelnut leather
Mini bag Sokhaya - Nude leather
Mini bag Sokhaya - Black & White
Mini bag Sokhaya - Wild orchid
Mini bag Sokhaya - Wild orchid Sale price€270,00
Mini bag Sokhaya - Midnight trees