The noblest of linens

Linen is a natural and vegan material. Resistance is the reason why we've chosen this material, recognized as one of the strongest fibers.

The best linen in the world, which we have chosen for this bag, is grown in an area between Belgium and the North of France. The fiber is transformed locally into linen fabric while respecting the environment. This linen is labeled Masters of Linen®, the guarantee of quality linen, 100% traceable and made in Europe.

Less waste, more quality

The Upcycled Capsule Collection aims to fight against the waste and overproduction of materials.

Concerned about ecological issues, we unearthed coupons of unused high-end textiles in the furniture industry. Resistant and natural, this upholstery linen is a perfect material for creating elegant and durable bags.

Your ally for the next years to come

We think about unique collections that highlight ancestral know-how. ⁠We think, create and craft timeless pieces with love, designed to be enjoyed for years.

Free Delivery & Easy Returns

Free delivery to France metropolitan and to Europe.

If ever the product does not meet your expectations upon receipt, you can send it back and you will be refunded.