Simplicty & singularity

Sonika Studio creates timelessly elegant, minimalist bags handcrafted from exceptional leathers.


KRAMANAGS collection

The KRAMABAGS pay tribute to the Krama (Khmer: ក្រមា), a checkered cotton piece traditionally worn in Cambodia. Their functional design plays with the codes of leather goods, shaping the Krama into modern uses and needs.

Craftsmanship & Design

Each collection is inspired by a know-how. The first Aya collection showcased Japanese craftsmanship, this second collection, KRAMABAGS explores the handweaving techniques of Cambodia.


Hand-woven Krama becomes water-repellent cotton

100% Cambodian, Krama weaving is part of provincial culture. It is a task that takes time and requires patience and thoroughness. It takes at least eight hours to weave one meter seventy of Krama.

With respect to the original Krama manufacturing process, the fabric has been protected and strengthened to be more durable.


4 colors satisfy all tastes

All five models are available in four colors. Due to handcrafting, these fabrics are unique, the colors of the threads may vary slightly.

a. Automn leaves

b. Wild orchid

c. Midnight trees

d. Black & white

The leathers of our bags come from Italian tanneries.The quality of their leather assures durability and gives great tangible and visual sensations for our bags.


Slow design

We stand for a slow approach and work towards a more responsible consumption.

From the choice of leathers to metal fittings, everything is designed so that Sonika Studio bags stand the test of time and accompany you on your adventures.

We choose to manufacture our products in a workshop in Hungary. Their expertise and reputations are well established in the fashion world of leather goods and accessories.


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