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At Sonika Studio, we do not overproduce. We create our bags in small quantities and once products are out of stock, we relaunch production. For us, quality is more important than quantity. We advocate a slow approach and we work towards a more responsible consumption by creating bags that stand the test of time at your side.

We carefully choose materials produced in ethical conditions by manufacturers who share our values. Our bags are made by hand, they are the fruits of the gestures of an artisanal know-how.


Our bags combine beauty and longevity. They don't stop at being simply beautiful or well-designed: they made to be useful and meaningful. They are imagined to become personal objects, with a purpose in their lives that are inseparable from their identities. To each shape a reason to be.

Less is more. Their simplicity is the source of elegance.


Our bags are made in Hungary and entirely by hand in a workshop with ancestral know-how in the leather goods industry. 
Historically, Hungary has a tradition and know-how in the fields of leather goods, glove making or shoe manufacturing. This heritage remains unrevealed today, yet several luxury brands seek to learn from the Hungarian artisans.
By choosing to work with a trusted workshop in Hungary, the designer wanted to be thankful for her country for everything it has given her. 
We are keen on sharing all the details of our products. The materials, the manufacturing location and processes, photos of the workshop. There are no secrets. We are proud of our choices, so there is no need to hide them.


Our choice of raw materials is conscious. The materials are naturally resistant and durable. We favor quality, appearance and touch. 
Leather is a noble material that will acquire a unique patina over time. As waste from the food chain, the skins come from a local production and are prepared in tanneries complying with the European REACH regulations for the environmental protection. It is the highest standard in the world.