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Handwoven Collection


The Handwoven Collection pays homage to a fragment of tradition: Krama. Hand-woven since time immemorial, Krama is a piece of checked cotton traditionally worn in Cambodia, which has many uses.

These minimalist bags have adopted a functional design that plays with the codes of modern leather goods. Krama has thus evolved to slip into new forms, adapted to modern uses and needs.

This collection reflects the life of its designer: a kaleidoscope of encounters and inspirations drawn from mixed cultures, highlighted by objects created with love. A silent tribute but one that speaks to everyone.


The Hand Woven Capsule Collection project is part of a solidarity, cultural and economic approach. The collection supports local craftsmanship which sustains the economy of several regions of Cambodia. It then encourages good production practices and companies that value and protect both individuals and their know-how. Finally, it contributes to the influence of a part of Cambodian history, the krama.